“Graham Lynch has a gift for packing entire worlds into a few minutes. His ability to present so much wonder, colour and philosophy into so short a span…”
International Record Review

“Lynch’s music seems to occupy a dimension of mind and being that transcends normal states of consciousness. It is as if one is held suspended in a non-corporeal, other-worldly existence”
Fanfare Magazine

“…pieces that confirm Lynch as one of the modern masters of the musical miniature”
International Piano

“…all this music possesses a personal and engaging quality expressed with a clear and lucid compositional skill…many colourful influences combine to create an individual impression, a distinctive flavour”

“Graham Lynch puzzles over the classic distinction between “tonal” and “atonal,” writing in praise of the neither-here-nor-there.”
Alex Ross, The New Yorker

“His harpsichord music is not derived from Couperin – he does not copy its style and ornaments – but is the nearest we have to an equivalent: highly expressive, well articulated and full of imagery”