Educational Piano Pieces

Sound Sketches and Art Preludes

For further information on the Sound Sketches series and the Art Preludes, and to purchase books, please visit the website of EVC Music Publications

Sound Sketches is an innovative series of graded piano pieces that will appeal to pianists of all ages and abilities. These pieces are varied in character, and each one opens up an imaginative world of colours and textures for players to explore. These ‘sound images’ are evoked through strong melodic ideas which hide their technical challenges within a sense of the delight that can be had from conjuring music from the keyboard.

The idea behind the Sound Sketches series was to create pieces that capture images and ideas and present them musically, in a way that is very accessible and easy to grasp right from the start. Each piece has its own individual character, atmosphere and sound world. And each volume gives players the opportunity to engage with the full expressive range of the piano. The music will appeal to children, but it is also ideal for adult pupils.

“I find it hard to over-praise this accessible and vibrantly conceived selection. What is special here is that Lynch succeeds triumphantly in realising his noble ambition of writing relatively easy music that has substance…”
Murray McLachlan, International Piano Magazine

“…many beautiful and unusual melodies…will surely appeal to any intermediate student”
Clavier Companion USA, review vol. 3

vol 1 for piano – grades 1-2

vol 2 for piano – grades 2-3

vol 3 for piano – grades 3-4

This set of five Art Preludes was inspired by the impressionist music and art of France and blends these influences with flavours of jazz and French café music to create a delicious and evocative collection of piano pieces. The pieces fit beautifully under the fingers and allow a pianist’s imagination full rein across the keyboard in creating a world of fleeting images and impressions.

“Having listened to and played through these pieces multiple times since receiving a copy, I have to say that they continue to grow on me. These are rewarding compositions that brilliantly evoke the pictures that inspired them.

They are a fantastic addition to the early advanced repertoire and would make enjoyable concert pieces individually, while a complete performance of the full suite would certainly not outstay its welcome!

These five Art Preludes are simply lovely!”
Andrew Eales – Pianodao