A busy December!

I’ve pinched this summary of some December performances from Composers Edition…

Guitarists Rody van Gemert and Jose Casallas are joined by flautist Eva Sarkola for concerts in Sweden and Russia that will focus solely on the works of Graham Lynch and Yimy Robles. These will take place at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm and the Finnish Consulate in St Petersburg. The pieces by Graham Lynch that are performed are Figures from Watteau and Pájaros del Mar for guitar duo; Hymn to Apollo, Cythera (from Three Aegean Pieces) and Daphne Prelude for solo guitar, and Cantilena in a new version for flute and two guitars. All these pieces are having their first performances in these countries, and the concert as a whole draws on some of the works from recent CD releases – Rody van Gemert’s ‘Ancient Greece Musical Inspirations’, and the duo’s ‘Danzando’.

In mid December in Kansas City, at the beautiful St Andrew’s Episcopal church, pianist Hana Lee Oshima will give the US premiere of the complete White Book 1, and at the same concert Albert Kim will give another performance of the complete White Book 2.

(I can also add thanks very much to the ensemble Faux Pas for continuing to perform Milonga Azure several times this month).


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